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80% of our daily thoughts are


An average has 80,000 thoughts a day. 90 percent of these thoughts are repetitive thoughts, and 80 percent of these are negative.

Luckily, negative thoughts can be recognized and changed with intentional focus and  practice.

Watch the video and see if you can relate

If you have the willingness to change, you are already halfway there. I invite you to eliminate the negative thoughts from life in the most enjoyable way possible.

This unique and helpful mentor-guide is designed especially for your mobile so it can always be with you.

Get Your "MENTOR-YOU" Guide


Launch price- $49

A small investment you can afford to improve your life once and for all.

A practical personal training

Would You Like to Know Exactly How to Remove Your Negative Thoughts, Improve Your Life and Live a Prosper and Better Life Without Wasting years on Mentors, Books Or Spending Huge Amounts of Money?


Meet your Enemy

Negative thoughts affect our quality of life, productivity and inner happiness. We all have negative thoughts, they waste valuable time and make us feel completely unpleasant and that is unnecessary.

They take over our lives and slow down our life progress. They frustrate us, and make us shrivel.

Everyone has negative thoughts

They exist in all of us and appear in different and varied forms.

Wasting our time on imagined thoughts

– Our past dictates our future –
 -We care what everyone thinks –

Sabotaging our own way to a happy life.

“One day I’ll do what I dream of”
“It’s too late for me”
“I’ll never forgive him”
“I don’t have time for dreams”

The good news is…

It doesn't have to be this way

We have the ability to control it, and take the negative thoughts out of our lives.

With the right training, with the willingness to change, you can achieve a happy life with mind control, which will directly affect every aspect of your life and you can prosper wherever you aspire.

SO hi… nice to meet you, my name is Karin. After years of personal training and dealing with bothersome and destructive negative thoughts, I defeated them. I formulated the basic understanding I needed, and packed a collection of practical tools for dealing with them in an easy, pleasant and even fun way.

In my profession I am a graphic designer, and the important part of my work is to create an accurate user experience for any purpose. In an era when most of us are scrolling through our cell phones and wasting our time on nonsense, our phone can be utilized for personal development and coaching to get a better life.

I created this guide to make the way there easier and more pleasant. No more black and white text, with loads of missed messages along the way, to make the information most accessible and memorable, and for the training to be truly effective.

Our brain remembers much better when it has visual stimulation, and so this guide is built with lots of graphical elements, highlights and guidance to help us get the best information. In addition, the guide is specially designed for mobile, so that reading from the mobile phone is intuitive without increasing texts and changing reading angles.

So what do I actually offer

I offer a daily mobile guide. The guide is actually a practical personal training, which helps us to understand and achieve our inner peace. It is based on the techniques of the greatest mentors, along with years of personal training. The guide is concise and on the issues that are needed for effective and even fun accelerated progress.

The guide is graphically built to accompany you all the way. From understanding “what’s going on in our heads” to jumping into the water and learning how to “swim”. The guide is simple to operate. All it takes is to come up with a positive mindset and a desire for change.

The guide is written and illustrated graphically so you can really understand and feel it throughout the reading. With the help of images, highlights and markings, the reading is much more easy. All of these make this guide unique and first of its kind. It has added value far beyond superficial reading.

What people say about


I read the guide and it really helped me to focus on the positive instead of the negative and it is now much easier for me to focus on the good. I won't lie, it requires practice, but every time one of those thoughts pops into my head I remember what is written in the guide, I smile and the negative becomes positive.
Ben Samuel
The guide is arranged really nicely and puts you into the reading. Each sentence draws you to the next sentence. Light, not too heavy, really perfect. The guide has definitely changed my perception of life and I'm going to read it a lot throughout my life. I'm sure it will help a lot more people.
Maria Shin
It is written wonderfully and the colors are positive and vibrant. I'm going to read it every morning. Plus, it is so relevant to the life we ​​live. The guide is a really awesome start push, everything else is me versus myself. It concerns me with daily functioning. I read passages that are related, that are uplifting and give points for thought.
Daniel Barzilay


let’s go

It is time to make a big change in your mindset and start living a full and happy life
Just be ready for change and it will happen.

This is a great opportunity to leverage our mobile phone for our personal development.
no more wasting time, download the guide and start applying, in the next few days you will feel how life is smiling.

The investment is small

the results are great!

Personal training is not cheap at all. I can say it after years of personal training and a lot of money invested – books, lectures, mentors. It can also take a very long time to reach your destination. Dont give up on improving your quality of life because you just can’t afford it.

This guide will save you years of personal training and thousands of dollars!

Get Your "MENTOR-YOU" Guide


Launch price- $49

A small investment you can afford to improve your life once and for all.

Open the guide on your smartphone.

To open the guide on your smartphone you need to have a PDF reader. If you don’t have any PDF reader app on your phone, go to the app store and download one of the PDF reader apps.

I recommend Adobe Reader because it is a recognized company and the app has no commercials. The app remembers the page we stopped even if we leave it. The guide can be easily accessed when logging in to the app.

Operating it should be very simple, but if there is a fault and the guide does not open, contact us and we will help as soon as possible.

A Gift From Me To You

I would like to give a gift to anyone who buys the guide. “THE SHEET”.

One of the things I did on my journey was to look for a way to make my day much more productive and full of energy. I designed a daily sheet that contains everything I need so I’ll be in focus: Goal of the day, anchor thought for the day and more. Just print as many copies as you like, and start organizing your day. This sheet can be very helpful and will give a positive meaning to your day. It’s all about Positive Action.

don’t forget to download this page after your purchase, you will see it in the confirmation email you receive – under “More information about this product”


A small investment you can afford to improve your life once and for all.

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I wish you lots of success and a fun and happy good life